Jacob Robert Ledesma

|Freelance Visual Artisan|

 "When Life gives you lemons, make grape juice -
Then enjoy every sip,

while you watch Life try and figure out how you did it"

I am an Illusionist.

I take what you know, have learned, have experienced and I give it back to you in a new form,

Unfamiliar yet nostalgic, by the magic of my craft.

The Art I present to the world is only the illusions of my own thoughts and perceptions,

And through Science I am able to transcribe, transfer, and translate thoughts of and to another mind.

I want you to forget about your world for a moment and step into mine.

Enthralled just long enough so that my work can instill a thought you’ll take back into your own world.

A simple yet maddening ideal, to give to the world I’ve so freely taken from,  asking for a fleeting moment in return.

Watching seeded thoughts grow in the mind of another, is one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed;

And if my art can do so long after I am dead, then I have achieved my goal of becoming a Master Artisan.

Email: Ledesma.artistic.designs@gmail.com

**Currently looking for projects and commissions for 2020**

UpWorks Profile

Jacob Ledesma


Curriculum Vitae

Cumulative history of efforts while in the pursuit of Mastery in the Arts.

References provided upon Request


Compilation of 88 images showcasing the range of my skill and abilities.
Sections as follows;
Character Design; Figure Drawings; Object Drawings;
Layout Drawings; Body Parts; Animations;
Animal Drawings; Storyboards; Personal Artworks

Apparel Designs

Through collaboration with StoreFrontier
I am able to have my own Apparel line.
Currently 9 Designs

Trading Cards

Trading Cards by
Psychedelic Sheep Artisan Studios (PSArtS).
Project established in 2020 by visual artisan Jacob Ledesma.


If you appreciate what I am doing please consider donating to my Paypal and help me continue to create and offer Artistic content to my local and online communities keeping my content free to view. Thank you for Financial Support.

Alternate donations payments can be taken through Venmo at:


Current Lesson Plans Avaliable

  • Art Lessons : 0

  • Science Lessons : 0


Magnum Opi

Works that are the cornerstone of my growth.

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